RMS Channel Information 7/31/2014 7:22:46 AM UTC   [284]
Service code(s):
PostedCallsignGrid SquareCenter FrequencyModeHoursQTH
310533Z PK10XI144.070 MHzPacket 120000-23Mandaue City, Cebu, Philippines
310530Z EM85AW145.050 MHzPacket 120000-23Maryville, Tennessee, USA
310555Z EL17HQ145.010 MHzPacket 120000-23Corpus Christi, TX, Nueces
310528Z CM95OH446.950 MHzPacket 960000-23Los Osos, CA, USA
310559Z CM98TF144.310 MHzPacket 120000-23Arnold, CA, USA
310623Z CN83KF146.900 MHzPacket 120000-23Roseburg, OR, USA
310603Z DM14EC145.090 MHzPacket 120000-23Rancho Cucamonga, CA, U.S.A.
310717Z IO62KD70.325 MHzPacket 120000-23Tramore, County Waterford, Ireland
310702Z JN36HM438.100 MHzPacket 120000-23Nyon, Vaud, Switzerland
310707Z JN45QK144.900 MHzPacket 120000-23Mediglia, MI, Italy
310707Z JN45QK430.800 MHzPacket 120000-23Mediglia, MI, Italy
310554Z JN45MJ144.837 MHzPacket 120000-23Gaggiano, Milano, Italia
310545Z JN45JP144.900 MHzPacket 120000-23Gallarate, VA, ITALY
310718Z FN41AV145.030 MHzPacket 120000-23Pomfret Center, CT, USA
310633Z FM29MT145.050 MHzPacket 120000-23Lindenwold, NJ, USA
310538Z FM09VC145.570 MHzPacket 120000-23Stephens City, VA, USA
310535Z EM78FF145.010 MHzPacket 120000-23Louisville, KY, USA
310535Z EM78FF438.375 MHzPacket 960000-23Louisville, KY, USA
310546Z FM08SN145.730 MHzPacket 120000-23Stanley, VA, USA
310546Z FM08SN145.570 MHzPacket 120000-23Stanley, VA, USA
310700Z EL88TX145.030 MHzPacket 120000-23Dunnellon, FL, USA
310612Z FM08WV145.570 MHzPacket 120000-23Front Royal, VA, USA
310555Z EM56GV145.010 MHzPacket 120000-23Bertrand, MO, USA
310547Z EM01MQ145.090 MHzPacket 120000-23Brownwood, TX, USA
310624Z DM61RU145.010 MHzPacket 120000-23El Paso, Texas, USA
310624Z DM61RU439.010 MHzPacket 960000-23El Paso, Texas, USA
310705Z EM21AG145.090 MHzPacket 120000-23Centerville, Texas, USA
310606Z EM10DR145.610 MHzPacket 120000-23Georgetown, Texas, USA
310640Z EM12IQ145.090 MHzPacket 120000-23Fort Worth, TX, USA
310718Z EM12LR144.970 MHzPacket 120000-23Fort Worth, TX, USA
310548Z EM12JP145.050 MHzPacket 120000-23Fort Worth, TX, USA
310545Z EM12JV145.030 MHzPacket 120000-23Fort Worth, TX, USA
310540Z EM12GT144.930 MHzPacket 120000-23Fort Worth, TX, USA
310619Z EM12IR144.910 MHzPacket 120000-23Fort Worth, TX, USA
310541Z EM12GR144.990 MHzPacket 120000-23Fort Worth, TX, USA
310702Z EM12KU145.090 MHzPacket 120000-23Fort Worth, TX, USA
310548Z EM12JT145.070 MHzPacket 120000-23Fort Worth, TX, USA
310717Z EM12HP144.950 MHzPacket 120000-23Fort Worth, TX, USA
310703Z CM96CW145.010 MHzPacket 120000-23Watsonville, CA, USA
310721Z CM97QI144.910 MHzPacket 120000-23Atwater, CA, USA
310721Z CM97QI438.960 MHzPacket 960000-23Atwater, CA, USA
310721Z DM06IS145.610 MHzPacket 120000-23Atwater, CA, USA
310721Z DM06IS433.570 MHzPacket 960000-23Atwater, CA, USA
310721Z CM97XM145.050 MHzPacket 120000-23Atwater, CA, USA
310721Z CM97XM433.590 MHzPacket 960000-23Atwater, CA, USA
310657Z CM97QI145.630 MHzPacket 120000-23Atwater, CA, USA
310620Z DN40BX145.070 MHzPacket 120000-23Farmington, UT, USA
310620Z DN40BX431.450 MHzPacket 960000-23Farmington, UT, USA
310705Z DN46AP144.970 MHzPacket 120000-23Helena, Montana, USA
310527Z CN85UJ145.570 MHzPacket 120000-23Gresham, OR, United States
310717Z CN87VJ145.630 MHzPacket 120000-23Kent, WA, USA
310541Z CN85MM145.050 MHzPacket 120000-23Hillsboro, OR, USA
310541Z CN85MM223.740 MHzPacket 120000-23Hillsboro, OR, USA
310549Z DM34SN145.010 MHzPacket 120000-23Prescott, AZ, USA
310614Z DM34RN145.030 MHzPacket 120000-23Prescott, AZ, USA
310721Z EM99JJ145.690 MHzPacket 240000-23Newport, OH, USA
310704Z EN52XG145.610 MHzPacket 240000-23Mundelein, IL, USA
310556Z EN50JS145.610 MHzPacket 120000-23Metamora, IL, USA
310711Z EM29QE145.010 MHzPacket 120000-23Kansas City, Missouri, USA
310655Z EL97TN145.530 MHzPacket 120000-23Vero Beach, FL, USA
310718Z FM18OW145.750 MHzPacket 240000-23Brandywine, MD, USA
310701Z DN14MF145.050 MHzPacket 240000-23Ontario, OR, USA
310531Z DM78OU144.930 MHzPacket 120000-23Colorado Springs, CO, USA
310531Z DM78OU441.075 MHzPacket 960000-23Colorado Springs, CO, USA
310719Z FM28HQ441.000 MHzPacket 120000-23Georgetown, DE, USA
310713Z FN54KB145.010 MHzPacket 240000-23Owls Head, ME, Knox
310603Z FM18SG145.750 MHzPacket 120000-23Great Mills, Maryland, USA
310707Z FM18MP145.650 MHzPacket 240000-23Waldorf, Maryland, United States
310649Z FM19NM145.790 MHzPacket 120000-23Finksburg, Maryland, USA
310626Z FM05RR145.090 MHzPacket 120000-23Raleigh, NC, USA
310536Z EM42XI145.090 MHzPacket 120000-23Brandon, MS, USA
310620Z EL29FU145.090 MHzPacket 120000-23Houston, tx, usa
310612Z EL29FU446.150 MHzPacket 120000-23Houston, tx, usa
310706Z CM88QG144.910 MHzPacket 120000-23Petaluma, CA, USA
310706Z EN51DU145.610 MHzPacket 120000-23Sterling, IL, USA
310642Z EL98NW145.050 MHzPacket 120000-23Edgewater, FL, USA
310542Z EM29SP145.090 MHzPacket 120000-23Plattsburg, MO, USA
310629Z EM48SR145.010 MHzPacket 120000-23Maryland Heights, Missouri, USA
310602Z FN32CR145.090 MHzPacket 120000-23Loudonville, NY, Albany
310703Z FN21TJ145.070 MHzPacket 120000-23Goshen, NY, USA
310703Z FN21TJ441.075 MHzPacket 120000-23Goshen, NY, USA
310644Z FN21WJ145.070 MHzPacket 120000-23Goshen, NY, USA
310720Z EM45PU145.770 MHzPacket 960000-23Monette, Arkansas, USA
310720Z EM45PU147.495 MHzPacket 120000-23Monette, Arkansas, USA
310720Z EM45PU441.025 MHzPacket 960000-23Monette, Arkansas, USA
310553Z EL39AX145.010 MHzPacket 120000-23PORT NECHES, TX, USA
310631Z CN88RV144.950 MHzPacket 120000-23Bellingham, Washington, USA
310647Z EN53SS145.610 MHzPacket 120000-23Fond du Lac, WI, USA
310624Z EN63BJ145.610 MHzPacket 120000-23Milwaukee, WI, USA
310701Z EM59PO145.050 MHzPacket 240000-23Sullivan, IL, USA
310649Z FN30FR145.070 MHzPacket 120000-23Uniondale, NY, USA
310626Z EL96XM145.030 MHzPacket 120000-23Boynton Beach, FL, USA
310635Z FM05TI145.070 MHzPacket 120000-23Four Oaks, NC, USA
310617Z FM08QT145.570 MHzPacket 120000-23Edinburg, VA, USA
310537Z EM40LI145.010 MHzPacket 120000-23Baton Rogue, LA, USA
310702Z EL06WH145.010 MHzPacket 120000-23Edinburg, Tx, USA
310639Z EM11KN145.650 MHzPacket 120000-23Waco, tx, USA
310617Z CN86AC144.960 MHzPacket 120000-23Warrenton, OR, USA
310632Z CN86AE144.960 MHzPacket 120000-23Warrenton, OR, USA
310633Z FM08TF145.730 MHzPacket 120000-23Ruckersville, VA, USA
310705Z CM97BD145.630 MHzPacket 120000-23Santa Cruz, CA, USA
310621Z CN96RO144.930 MHzPacket 120000-23Yakima, Washington, USA
310712Z EL88SA145.050 MHzPacket 120000-23Tampa, FL, USA
310702Z FM14BG145.090 MHzPacket 120000-23Wilmington, NC, USA
310551Z EM12NT145.070 MHzPacket 120000-23Mansfield, TX, USA
310551Z EM12NT441.000 MHzPacket 960000-23Mansfield, TX, USA
310624Z CM97SH144.910 MHzPacket 120000-23Merced, CA, USA
310620Z CM89VM145.630 MHzPacket 120000-23Willows, CA, USA
310629Z CN73TD144.950 MHzPacket 120000-23Bandon, OR, USA
310637Z DN16LR145.075 MHzPacket 120000-23Moscow, ID, USA
310520Z DM15AC145.050 MHzPacket 120000-23California City, CA, US
310719Z DM13JJ145.050 MHzPacket 240000-23Fallbrook, Ca., USA
310719Z DM13NI146.700 MHzPacket 240000-23Fallbrook, Ca., USA
310653Z CM87VU145.630 MHzPacket 120000-23Berkeley, CA, USA
310620Z FM09VB145.730 MHzPacket 120000-23Stephens City, VA, Frederick
310559Z EL99AC145.630 MHzPacket 120000-23Ocala, FL, USA
310546Z BP51BE144.980 MHzPacket 120000-23Anchorage, AK, USA
310636Z BP64DV147.960 MHzPacket 120000-23Fairbanks, Alaska, USA
310706Z BP51JO145.190 MHzPacket 120000-23Palmer, Alaska, USA
310547Z FM05KW145.070 MHzPacket 120000-23Chapel Hill, NC, USA
310643Z FM17SE145.730 MHzPacket 120000-23yorktown, va, usa
310709Z EM78JE145.030 MHzPacket 120000-23Shelbyville, KY, USA
310709Z EM78JE438.000 MHzPacket 960000-23Shelbyville, KY, USA
310648Z JP20QJ433.650 MHzPacket 120000-23Bergen, na, Norway
310648Z JP20QJ433.650 MHzPacket 960000-23Bergen, na, Norway
310529Z JO59JS144.925 MHzPacket 120000-23Follo, se Oslo, Akershus, Norway
310624Z JP77QG144.850 MHzPacket 120000-23Fauske, na, Norway
310601Z DN70GI145.030 MHzPacket 120000-23Estes Park, CO, USA
310631Z EL98IV144.910 MHzPacket 120000-23Deltona, FL, USA
310627Z EM29TJ145.050 MHzPacket 120000-23Kearney, Missouri, USA
310615Z EM12DL145.090 MHzPacket 120000-23Granbury, TX, USA
310545Z FN31JH145.050 MHzPacket 120000-23Shelton, CT, USA
310639Z FN41RQ145.050 MHzPacket 120000-23Forestdale, MA, USA
310643Z FN21SK145.070 MHzPacket 120000-23Middletown, NY, USA
310643Z FN21SK441.075 MHzPacket 960000-23Middletown, NY, USA
310529Z FN20WI154.050 MHzPacket 120000-23Red Bank, NJ, USA
310649Z FM28EP145.050 MHzPacket 120000-23Laurel, DE., USA
310552Z FM28KR145.050 MHzPacket 120000-23Laurel, DE., USA
310720Z EL99IB144.910 MHzPacket 120000-23Deltona, Florida, USA
310720Z EL99IB446.550 MHzPacket 960000-23Deltona, Florida, USA
310716Z EM85PP145.710 MHzPacket 120000-23Leicester, NC, USA
310711Z EL98HQ145.070 MHzPacket 120000-23Altamonte Springs, FL, US
310707Z EL87PU145.090 MHzPacket 120000-23Pinellas Park, Florida, US
310718Z EM55DG145.710 MHzPacket 120000-23Arlington, TN, Shelby
310718Z EM55DG441.025 MHzPacket 960000-23Arlington, TN, Shelby
310718Z EM55DG441.125 MHzPacket 5600000-23Arlington, TN, Shelby
310702Z EM64QQ145.090 MHzPacket 120000-23Redstone Arsenal, Alabama, USA
310550Z EM00JL145.010 MHzPacket 120000-23kerrville, texas, usa
310658Z EM23WL145.010 MHzPacket 120000-23Texarkana, TX, USA
310610Z EM20EJ145.030 MHzPacket 120000-23Montgomery, Texas, USA
310645Z EM11IE145.050 MHzPacket 120000-23Troy, Texas, Bell
310526Z EL07GO145.010 MHzPacket 120000-23Laredo, TX, USA
310123Z EM10CP145.610 MHzPacket 120000-23Georgetown, Texas, USA
310123Z EM10CP145.030 MHzPacket 120000-23Georgetown, Texas, USA
310123Z EM10CP144.910 MHzPacket 120000-23Georgetown, Texas, USA
310706Z EM34JK145.010 MHzPacket 120000-23Hot Springs, AR, USA
310613Z CN86BE144.960 MHzPacket 120000-23Seaside, Oregon, USA
310636Z CN94NH145.030 MHzPacket 120000-23Prineville, OR, USA
310718Z CN94MK145.030 MHzPacket 120000-23Prineville, OR, USA
310547Z CN73VE144.950 MHzPacket 120000-23MYRTLE POINT, OR, USA
310632Z CN73VE144.950 MHzPacket 120000-23MYRTLE POINT, OR, USA
310621Z FM09LL145.690 MHzPacket 120000-23Westernport, MD, USA
310619Z DN41BR145.030 MHzPacket 120000-23River Heights, Utah, USA
310549Z EN57RC145.090 MHzPacket 120000-23Houghton, MI, USA
310537Z EM45QV147.495 MHzPacket 120000-23Jonesboro, AR, USA
310537Z EM45QV441.025 MHzPacket 960000-23Jonesboro, AR, USA
010636Z EN52RS145.610 MHzPacket 120000-23Elkhorn, WI, USA
310714Z EN62CS145.030 MHzPacket 240000-23Racine, WI, USA
310708Z FM14BF145.090 MHzPacket 120000-23Wilmington, NC, USA
310708Z FM14BF445.090 MHzPacket 960000-23Wilmington, NC, USA
310557Z DM13LM145.050 MHzPacket 120000-23Temecula, CA, USA
310527Z EM39TE147.500 MHzPacket 120000-23Sturgeon, MO, USA
310633Z FN20MC145.610 MHzPacket 120000-23Bensalem, PA, USA
310639Z JN88DH144.825 MHzPacket 120000-23Klosterneuburg, na, Austria
310559Z JN47TG438.000 MHzPacket 960000-23Feldkirch, Vorarlberg, Austria
310558Z JO22FE144.850 MHzPacket 120000-23Leiden, NA, NL
310637Z JO22PG144.850 MHzPacket 120000-23Blaricum, Noord Holland, The Netherlands
310652Z JO22NF145.850 MHzPacket 120000-23Kortenhoef, NH, Netherlands
310652Z JO22NF430.650 MHzPacket 960000-23Kortenhoef, NH, Netherlands
310620Z JO21NV144.825 MHzPacket 120000-23Acquoy, Gelderland, the Netherlands
310531Z JO22IJ144.850 MHzPacket 120000-23Amsterdam, Noord Holland, Nederland
310646Z JO22PE144.850 MHzPacket 120000-23Soest, Utrecht, The Netherlands
310532Z JO21XQ144.850 MHzPacket 120000-23Gennep, Limburg, the Netherlands
310532Z JO21XQ430.987 MHzPacket 120000-23Gennep, Limburg, the Netherlands
310531Z JO23TA144.887 MHzPacket 120000-23sneek, Friesland, Holland
310531Z JO23TA430.950 MHzPacket 960000-23sneek, Friesland, Holland
310709Z FK52NC145.010 MHzPacket 120000-23Willemstad, NA, Curacao
310611Z JO89HB144.925 MHzPacket 120000-23FLEN, Sodermanland, Sweden
310612Z JO89RB144.925 MHzPacket 120000-23Molnbo, A, SWEDEN
310611Z JO88LQ144.925 MHzPacket 120000-23Nykoping, NA, Sweden
310620Z FN14TQ145.070 MHzPacket 120000-23Westport, ON, Cannada
310603Z EN48ES144.390 MHzPacket 120000-23Atikokan, ON, Canada
310528Z FN04DI145.710 MHzPacket 120000-23Barrie, ON, Canada
310714Z CN89ME145.070 MHzPacket 240000-23New Westminister, BC, Canada
310714Z CN89ME443.425 MHzPacket 240000-23New Westminister, BC, Canada
310649Z CN89LG441.025 MHzPacket 120000-23Vancouver, BC, Canada
310649Z CN89LG443.425 MHzPacket 120000-23Vancouver, BC, Canada
310654Z FN84FP145.030 MHzPacket 120000-23Dartmouth, NS, Canada
310654Z FN84FP446.125 MHzPacket 120000-23Dartmouth, NS, Canada
310631Z FN84BQ145.030 MHzPacket 120000-23Halifax, NS, Canada
310525Z FN35HI145.090 MHzPacket 120000-23Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec, Canada
310631Z EN58II145.010 MHzPacket 120000-23Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
310624Z FN14TQ145.070 MHzPacket 120000-23Westport, ON, Canada
310600Z CN89SB144.030 MHzPacket 120000-23Abbotsford, BC, Canada
310544Z CN89OG145.690 MHzPacket 120000-23Abbotsford, BC, Canada
311714Z QF22OC145.200 MHzPacket 120000-23SCORESBY, VIC, Australia
310555Z QF22IG145.200 MHzPacket 120000-23Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
310616Z DM79OK145.010 MHzPacket 120000-23Parker, CO, USA
310604Z EM48PT145.010 MHzPacket 120000-23O'Fallon, MO, USA
310647Z CN88PF145.630 MHzPacket 120000-23Coupeville, Washington, USA
310711Z EM12ER144.950 MHzPacket 120000-23Weatherford, TX, Parker
310659Z FN31VJ145.030 MHzPacket 120000-23East Lyme, CT, USA
310557Z EL87RC145.090 MHzPacket 960000-23Englewood, FL, USA
310640Z FN31VI145.030 MHzPacket 120000-23East Lyme, Connecticut, USA
310541Z FN31TX441.075 MHzPacket 120000-23Somers, Connecticut, U.S.A.
310558Z FN31UV145.650 MHzPacket 120000-23Middletown, Connecticut, USA
310558Z FN31GG145.650 MHzPacket 120000-23Middletown, Connecticut, USA
310558Z FN41AT145.610 MHzPacket 120000-23Middletown, Connecticut, USA
310558Z FN31XK145.630 MHzPacket 120000-23Middletown, Connecticut, USA
310558Z FN31OT145.690 MHzPacket 120000-23Middletown, Connecticut, USA
310558Z FN31RK145.690 MHzPacket 120000-23Middletown, Connecticut, USA
310558Z FN31JR145.650 MHzPacket 120000-23Middletown, Connecticut, USA
310558Z FN31JK145.630 MHzPacket 120000-23Middletown, Connecticut, USA
310558Z FN31JE145.690 MHzPacket 120000-23Middletown, Connecticut, USA
310558Z FN32IA145.630 MHzPacket 120000-23Middletown, Connecticut, USA
310529Z EL89SC145.030 MHzPacket 120000-23Dunnellon, Florida, USA
310705Z FN20DT145.550 MHzPacket 120000-23Lehighton, PA, USA
310613Z FM18PL144.750 MHzPacket 120000-23Bryantown, MD, US
310712Z EL87VT145.030 MHzPacket 120000-23Riverview, FL, USA
310546Z EM66OD440.975 MHzPacket 960000-23Nashville, TN, USA
310649Z EL97GK144.970 MHzPacket 120000-23Sebring, Florida, USA
310706Z EL97BF145.690 MHzPacket 120000-23Arcadia, Florida, USA
310711Z DM62OG145.010 MHzPacket 120000-23LAS CRUCES, NM, USA
310541Z EM12MO145.070 MHzPacket 120000-23Mansfield, TX, USA
310541Z EM12MO441.000 MHzPacket 960000-23Mansfield, TX, USA
310611Z EM50LJ145.010 MHzPacket 120000-23Gulfport, Mississippi, USA
310648Z EM20BE145.030 MHzPacket 120000-23HOCKLEY, TEXAS, USA
310554Z EL29FU145.050 MHzPacket 120000-23Houston, Texas, USA
310554Z EL29FU446.150 MHzPacket 120000-23Houston, Texas, USA
310630Z EM00VS145.030 MHzPacket 120000-23Burnet, TX, USA
310546Z EM00VR145.030 MHzPacket 120000-23Burnet, TX, USA
310700Z DM04WB145.050 MHzPacket 240000-23Alhambra, CA, USA
310703Z DM04WB431.125 MHzPacket 960000-23Alhambra, CA, USA
310603Z DM12JR145.030 MHzPacket 120000-23SAN DIEGO, CA, USA
310646Z DM04JK145.650 MHzPacket 120000-23Ojai, California, United States
310716Z DM12KT145.050 MHzPacket 120000-23San Diego, CA, USA
310559Z CN73WX144.950 MHzPacket 120000-23Florence, OR, USA
310603Z CN73WX145.030 MHzPacket 120000-23Florence, OR, USA
310533Z CN84LW144.990 MHzPacket 120000-23Salem, OR, usa
310532Z CN84LW144.930 MHzPacket 120000-23Salem, OR, usa
310526Z CN85JC144.920 MHzPacket 120000-23Newberg, Oregon, USA
310609Z CN85JF144.960 MHzPacket 120000-23Newberg, Oregon, USA
310525Z CN85KC441.050 MHzPacket 120000-23Newberg, Oregon, USA
310720Z EN72DX145.030 MHzPacket 120000-23Grand Rapids, MI, USA
310647Z EM65MX145.090 MHzPacket 120000-23Franklin, TN, Williamson
310633Z FN22XI145.090 MHzPacket 120000-23cairo, ny, usa
310633Z FN22XI431.025 MHzPacket 120000-23cairo, ny, usa
310618Z EM85AQ145.050 MHzPacket 120000-23Maryville, Tennessee, USA
310639Z CN83KH144.930 MHzPacket 120000-23Glide, OR, USA
310604Z CN87VO145.030 MHzPacket 120000-23Mercer Island, WA, USA
310604Z CN87VO440.825 MHzPacket 960000-23Mercer Island, WA, USA
310607Z FN20TX145.010 MHzPacket 120000-23Butler, New Jersey, USA
310600Z EM74QB145.790 MHzPacket 120000-23Acworth, GA, USA
310623Z EM66OD145.070 MHzPacket 120000-23Nashville, TN, USA
310658Z DM13FU144.970 MHzPacket 120000-23Corona, CA, USA
310549Z CN88RS144.930 MHzPacket 120000-23Bellingham, WA, US
310625Z EL29CS145.050 MHzPacket 120000-23Houston, TX, USA
310709Z FM17TP145.730 MHzPacket 120000-23LOTTSBURG, VA, USA
310604Z EN54QH145.610 MHzPacket 120000-23Hortonville, WI, USA
310604Z EN54QH446.100 MHzPacket 960000-23Hortonville, WI, USA
310556Z EN55DI145.610 MHzPacket 120000-23Hortonville, WI, USA
310556Z EN55DI446.100 MHzPacket 960000-23Hortonville, WI, USA
310545Z FK90FQ145.010 MHzPacket 120000-23Bayshore, POS, NA, Trinidad, W.I.
310552Z BP51CG144.900 MHzPacket 120000-23Elmendorf AFB, Alaska, USA
310647Z DN41BU144.950 MHzPacket 120000-23Smithfield , Utah, USA
310552Z EM90EB144.990 MHzPacket 120000-23Switzerland, FL, USA
310546Z EM73NU145.590 MHzPacket 120000-23Dallas, Ga., USA
310526Z EN90OS145.070 MHzPacket 120000-23LISBON, OH, USA
310636Z EK09JH145.090 MHzPacket 120000-23Toluca, Mex, Mexico
310649Z DM12KM145.090 MHzPacket 120000-23Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico
310627Z DM12LM146.700 MHzPacket 120000-23Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico
310530Z EK36OR145.090 MHzPacket 120000-23Navenchauc, Chiapas, Mexico
310655Z EK62UD145.000 MHzPacket 120000-23Managua, Managua, Nicaragua
310554Z RE78KV146.625 MHzPacket 120000-23Porirua, Wellington, New Zealand